Some Retirement Surprises – March 20, 2015

Some recent studies have busted some of the myths about retiree preferences. Although 51% of retirees will downsize their homes, fully 30% plan to move to larger homes to accommodate family and guests. 64% of retirees will move at least once during retirement and the highest percentage of those who change locations will move to the Mountain States region (which includes Arizona).

According to the research done in a Merrill Lynch Retirement Study (see the link below), fully 67% prefer to shun the “retirement communities” and would rather live among people of diverse ages and generations. Another surprise is that 85% strongly prefer to remain living independently in their own home when the time comes for extended care help. In fact, the number of nursing home residents has dropped sharply over the past 10 years while the number of people receiving care at home has increased proportionally.

Apparently, some adjusted thinking will be required.

Don Hammer
Realty Executives Fine Properties