News from Don & Jane Hammer – April 24, 2015

Cheap LED bulbs have arrived!!!

LED light bulbs have always been extremely efficient to operate but, pretty outrageous to purchase, making the return on investment very low. Philips has put that to a screeching halt with the introduction of their new Philips Everyday 8.5 watt LED (a 60 watt equivalent at 800 lumens). They are priced at $4.97 each at major retailers. The estimated annual energy cost is just $1.02. That is 85% less than the annual cost to operate a 60 watt incandescent bulb. Better news is that the estimated lifespan of the bulb is around 10,000 hours of operation. We should expect other manufacturers to follow suit with their own versions. For new building, it is kind of a no brainer. For existing homes, start replacing your burnt out bulbs with these and, rather soon, you will have them everywhere.

Don Hammer
Realty Executives Fine Properties