Grid Bike Share Program

The City of Phoenix has initiated what they are calling a “Grid Bike Share”. They started out with over 100 distinctive lime green bicycles at 27 stations around the city and are continuing to expand toward 500 bikes in 50 locations.

To access one of the bikes, you may pay-as-you-go or you can purchase a membership. If you become a member before January 31, you can get 20 percent off using the promotion code – GRID31633. The pay-as-you-go charges are $5 per hour, prorated to the minute. Their annual program is $79 to get 60 minutes every day with student discounts and trial programs available. For a lot of folks, this could work out nicely when coupled with the light rail system. It appears that the whole thing is coming soon to Mesa and Tempe, too.

To learn more, go to
GRID Bikes