April 3, 2015 – An Interesting Story in the World of Cars

An Interesting story for the automotive world reached a climax last month. We often hear of “barn finds” – the proverbial classic car buried in a barn for years only to be discovered and brought back to life. This one was the mother lode of barn finds. The Baillon Collection was hidden away for over 50 years. A French industrialist collected rare cars for an eventual museum. He fell on hard times and sold off about 40 percent of the collection then he died and the remaining collection went to his heirs. They never did anything with it and then they died. The third generation of heirs called a famous auction house to come over and give them an idea of the value of the collection. Thinking it was some mundane assortment of vehicles, they went out to the farm and were absolutely stunned to find over 100 cars in various states of disrepair. 60 of them were in restorable condition and included some of the rarest of rare automotive works of art. That was last fall and now, the collection has gone to auction and netted the heirs $28.5 million dollars. $18.5 million was generated by one car – a totally original 1961 Ferrari 250GT Short wheelbase California Spyder. The remaining $10 million came from 9 other major vehicles and 49 other minor finds. Look up “Baillon Collection” for more details. Several articles go into minute detail about the interesting story and the even more interesting cars.

Don Hammer
Realty Executives Fine Properties